Health Insurance Is Required by Law

The Affordable Care Act requires Americans to have at least “minimum essential coverage.” If you don’t sign up for health insurance, you will be required to pay a penalty. This is known as the individual mandate. To learn more, read our article, “Understanding Obamacare: What is the Individual Mandate?”

Health Insurance Helps You Maintain Your Health

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover annual checkups and preventive care – mammograms, vaccinations, colonoscopies and prostate cancer screenings – without a co-pay. Taking advantage of these services helps you stay healthy and helps to catch any health problems early, when they’re easier and less expensive to treat.

Health coverage may also give you peace of mind. If you get sick or hurt, you know that you are covered. If you feel like something is wrong, you can get it checked out.

Health Insurance Helps Protect You from Medical Debt

Medical bills can be extremely expensive. In fact, a majority of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical bills*. Health insurance can help protect you from being responsible for all of these expenses.

If you don’t have coverage, something as simple as an overnight hospital stay or a broken bone can put a major damper on your financial plans. Do you want a simple game of pickup basketball or a night at the skating rink to prevent you from achieving your financial goals?

You probably know that you need health insurance, but shopping for it can be intimidating. At HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, we’re passionate about helping you find coverage that fits your needs and your budget. Do you have a lot of questions? We’ll help you find the answers.

We offer plans from more than 200 insurance companies nationwide.  Our local licensed agents will compare prices and coverage to find the plan that’s right for you. Best of all, we offer this service at no cost to you. To learn more, visit HealthMarkets Insurance Agency today.

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