If you haven’t already paid your new individual health insurance premium, it’s not too late to make your payment to ensure continuation of coverage and access to benefits.

Purchasing individual health insurance can be confusing, so we’ve put together a short checklist of 3 reminders to make it easier to finalize your plan and ensure access to your new coverage:

1. Payment of Premium: After selecting your new health insurance plan, a key step towards ensuring enrollment is paying your premium. While premium payments are technically due by January 1, many insurance companies have extended their payment deadlines. Check with your insurance company to find out when your first premium payment is due. For some insurance companies, payment is required by January 10, so it’s always a good idea to submit your payment as soon as possible.

2. What Happens If You Don’t Pay: If your payment is not received in time, you will need to re-apply and your coverage will not be effective on January 1.

3. Review New Materials: Carefully review your member card or other materials your health insurance company sends to you. If you have not received your member card, contact your insurance company. You can typically find the phone number on their website, sales brochures, or other application materials that you received when enrolling.

If you have already made your payment for your individual health insurance and have provided any documentation requested by your new insurance company, then your enrollment for your individual health insurance is complete.   Watch for your member card in the mail, review your plan’s provider directory for the current year, and decide who will provide your care.


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