Don’t Sweat High Premium Rates

Don’t know what a premium is? Don’t sweat it. We’re here walk you through…Read More

Don’t know what a premium is? Don’t sweat it. We’re here walk you through it and help you find a plan that works for you.


Video Transcript:

So you didn’t go to the doctor last month, but you’re still being charged something called a premium by your health insurance company. For many of you, this probably has you asking…What the Health?!

Premiums are like gym memberships – you pay a monthly fee and you have access to great health benefits. Because you’re paying your premium, you get free preventive services.

It’s kind of like getting to use the gym equipment without the extra fee. But if you want more services like a personal trainer or a medical specialist, there’s an additional cost. The upside is that a membership or premium makes the true cost less expensive to you.

Your health insurance gives you a lift by paying some of the cost of care and negotiating even lower prices with your doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Like some gym memberships, the monthly cost can be lowered by subsidies. Did you know that government subsidies or tax credits covers on average 70 percent of monthly premiums? Some people even get 100 percent subsidies and pay nothing. Unfortunately, our lawyer’s won’t let me say “free”.

So the next time you shop for health coverage, go to Our licensed agents can help you find a plan that can maximize your insurance benefits with the lowest monthly premium.

So I’ll see you next time when you ask, What the Health?!

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