Recently, Ken Fasola, CEO of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, spoke with USA Today to provide insight on their story 2014 premiums were $100 less; 2015 looks promising which discusses industry expectations on future health insurance premiums. According to Ken and a HealthMarkets review of the upcoming open enrollment season, “there is going to be a lot of movement in the first couple years as insurers get comfortable with the markets.”

What this means for consumers is that it is important that you review a few things as we near Open Enrollment, beginning November 15.

• Premiums: Many consumers may see their premiums change for next year – some increasing, others decreasing – as the industry continues to adjust to health care reform. Make sure to watch for your renewal premium notice to see if your premium changes for 2015. The amount you owe for premiums may also change if the subsidy you receive changes due to a change in income, change in family size, or other factors.

• Out-of-pocket expenses: It is equally important for consumers to check for items that may impact your out-of-pocket expenses. Take time to review the doctors you see to confirm that they will still be in your plan’s network. You will also want to confirm that any new or existing medications you take are still covered by your plan.

• Review new options: According to the USA Today article, there will be many new insurance companies and plans to choose from. Consumers should take the time to review all of the options available to ensure their current plan is still the best option for them. Some of these new plans may meet your needs and budget better than your current plan.

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As Ken mentioned, there will definitely be a lot of movement in the health insurance market over the next few years. Let us help with a HealthMarkets review of your situation; we can provide you with options that meet your needs and budget.


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