The cost of medical coverage is more affordable than ever, and as a result, the number of  Americans without health insurance is dwindling. In fact, since the beginning of open enrollment in late 2013, over 14.1 million adults gained health insurance!1; Because we want you to know about your options when exploring health insurance, HealthMarkets reviews the three different ways to buy health insurance.

HealthMarkets reviews buying health insurance

So, how do you go about buying a health insurance policy? Well, health insurance is a product, and like your favorite pair of jeans, it is sold by many companies. On top of that, like the different brands and cuts of your jeans, there are different types of health insurance policies and coverage levels. But you don’t have to get stressed out by all of your options. HealthMarkets reviews the different ways to buy health insurance for you. By learning how and where to purchase your ideal coverage, improving your health insurance can be hassle-free!

3 ways to simplify your buy

When you go to buy health insurance, think about how you prefer to communicate and review your choices. If you like the convenience of point and click forms, try getting a quote online. Do you like talking out your questions? Talking over the phone, or to a local agent in person, may be more your speed.

Purchasing Online

Purchasing online2 offers a user friendly online shopping experience with HealthMarkets, but may require you to do a little more research for yourself. First, think about who you need to cover under your policy. Do you know whether all of your prescriptions will be covered? Are you covered for pre-existing conditions, or is your plan grandfathered? Do you know what emergency situations allow you to go to an out-of-network hospital? Rest assured, HealthMarkets reviews your situation.

Purchasing by Phone

Purchasing by phone allows you to talk through your requirements. When talking, you may be asked additional questions about company options, preferred coverage, and policy levels. Another set of eyes on your specific coverage and options may even save you money! Call HealthMarkets 24/7 at (800) 304-3414.

Purchasing In person

Purchasing through a local agent can give you the personal relationship you need to find the policy that’s right for your household. By laying out all of your information in a free, face-to-face conversation with a local, licensed professional, you will have the time to review all of your health insurance needs. Let a local agent at HealthMarkets help you find a budget-smart plan.

Where do I start?

Start your search at HealthMarkets! At HealthMarkets, we understand that you have unique insurance needs. HealthMarkets reviews your needs, and to meet them, we offer a variety of products from over 200 insurance companies. Whether you are buying insurance online, over the phone, or in person, we can help you find a plan for you. Visit us online, Call 24/7 at (800) 304-3414, or find a local agent today to review your health insurance needs.




1 | 2 HealthMarkets only allows direct enrollment online in states with Federally-facilitated, Federally-supported, and State-Partnership marketplaces. A list of states with Federally-facilitated, Federally-supported, State-Partnership, and State-based Marketplaces can be found here.

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