I had the good fortune this past week to receive a thankful letter from one of our agency’s newest customers for individual health insurance. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency often receives notes of appreciation about our health insurance agents, but this one stood out.

Mr. Gore,

I am writing to let you know how helpful Mr. Laird was in assisting me with my health insurance.

During registration for affordable healthcare, I ran into difficulties and was unable to register online. The end result was a telephone call for assistance. The information was very confusing.  Needless to say, I did not get the help I needed and ended up paying for a plan which I could not afford.

Out of desperation, I called a number I saw in a HealthMarkets ad from TV resulting in Mr. Laird contacting me for a consultation and quote. Mr. Laird was professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. He has excellent customer skills as well as people skills.

Mr. Laird and I placed a conference call to Healthcare.gov, and with his help guiding me through the process, I was able to get the help I needed.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate his help. I will gladly share my experience with others in the market for insurance.

Delores from Atlanta, GA

For anyone that has tried shopping for health insurance on one of the government exchanges, they’ve probably had their fair share of frustrations – just like Delores.  In my experience, it is all too common that I hear from neighbors, customers and friends about how mind numbing and difficult it is to shop for health insurance.

For me, as a 14 year veteran health insurance agent, it’s all about taking this weight off my customer’s shoulders.  The same is also true for Mr. Wesley Laird and any of the other dedicated health insurance agents in my office.  As Delores said, Wesley was tremendous in helping her explore and understand her health insurance options.  He answered her questions and helped her go through the exchange’s enrollment process to select the health insurance that fits her needs and budget.

I am proud of the assistance that Wesley, and all of the agents of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, provide to our customers every day.

If you find yourself struggling just like Delores, choose a local health insurance agent with HealthMarkets to see how we can help you navigate the many health and related insurance options available to you, both on and off the insurance exchanges.


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