Do You Procrastinate? It’s Not Too Late!“Hey, thanks for meeting me. I know I’m late”—ironic, isn’t it? It’s how it’s always been though. My mom always told me that I’d be late for my own funeral. I dropped off my application for college the day it was due. (But I still got in! Maybe sometimes procrastination pays off?)

My tendency to push deadlines is a personal quirk—the word “charming” gets thrown around a lot—and most of the time it’s just that. But I take care of the important stuff. I mean, mostly. I generally pay rent on time, but I occasionally slip on the water bill. That gets hilarious, let me tell you!

It got worse after college, if anything. I got a “grown-up” job in a great start-up company, and I work long hours to stay ahead. It takes a lot of my time. And it’s exhausting, so after a long week I’m prone to just…not doing much. Mowing the lawn? Doing paperwork for my insurance company? They just seem to slip by the wayside.

The Woes of Health Insurance

My personality may usually be fun and games, but I did miss the boat on one thing, or so I thought. The end of the year was looming, and it occurred to me suddenly that I had completely missed the Open Enrollment Period for health insurance! That snapped me back to reality in a hurry; I had just changed jobs and I really, really needed to find new coverage fast.

I thought I was up the creek, so I rushed to Google to see what I could do. There had to be something, I kept repeating to myself. Turns out there was, thanks to HealthMarkets.

HealthMarkets and Open Enrollment

I called HealthMarkets, and I’ll say one thing: they brought my blood pressure down quickly. It turns out Open Enrollment doesn’t end this year until January—I had until the 31st to come up with something. They even made that part easier, too, by helping me find the right plan for me and my meager budget. HealthMarkets works with 200 providers all around the country, so I had a lot to choose from. Plus, they’re used to helping people like me who qualify for subsidies. (They’re also used to helping other people with…shall we say…organizational challenges!)

I don’t know that I’ll ever get better at managing my time, but I’m glad I got my health insurance figured out. I’m not any more invincible than I am punctual, so it’s a load off my mind.

So, don’t wait. Call HealthMarkets at (800) 304-3414. Do it now, before the Open Enrollment Period is over.



Disclaimer: The character appearing in this story is fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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