Family at homeI think going back to grad school is what finally did it.

I’d always regretted turning down that one year master’s program in teaching after college. It was the perfect time to pursue more education, but I wanted a little break and some adventure, so I decided to travel instead. I found a job in a law office in a city I’d never even visited before and moved, sight unseen.

I thought I’d go back to grad school in my hometown the next year, but life did what it does. It turns out I loved my new city. Everything about it seemed exciting, romantic: the endless lights of the skyline at midnight, the street vendors outside my office, even the graffiti. I settled in. Then, one day, I met the man who would eventually become my husband on a lunch break. He literally ran into me in the deli line, spilled my coffee all over me, and insisted on buying me a panini to make up for it. The rest was history. We got married a year and a half later.

Fast forward through kid one, two promotions, kid two, a move, more pets than I’d care to admit, and a new house. Life was full, and I loved it, but that darn regret was still there: grad school. So I did some research, found an online program for working adults and decided to get a master’s—not in teaching, since I had become a successful account manager at my firm, but in marketing.

When it’s all a bit much, HealthMarkets is here.

And the dam broke. Between the kids, the career and the classes, I was out of extra energy. Things started slipping. I had to accept that my poor garden was going to seed until I was done with grad school, and heaven knows how I ever remembered to change the oil in my car. I was living one day at a time, just constantly putting out fires. It was exhausting, and I was overwhelmed.

Somewhere in the back of my head I knew we needed to change our family health insurance plan. Our rates had been going up for a while, and I thought it was high time to find a better deal. But every time I tried to imagine figuring out how to do it, I felt like piles of paper were crushing me. I simply couldn’t see how it would ever get done.

Enter HealthMarkets.

A caring colleague finally pointed me in the direction of HealthMarkets. She convinced me that I could work one simple phone call somewhere into the schedule, especially since I could do it any time of the day or night—HealthMarkets agents are available 24/7.

I’m so glad I called. It turns out that right now, it’s the Open Enrollment Period, the one time per year in which you can change your health insurance plan without a life changing event. I only had between November 1st and January 31st to switch, but thanks to my friend, I called in plenty of time. My awesome agent did a great job taking me through the process quickly and easily, and I found a great plan that works better for my family—all in that one phone call!

If you’re overwhelmed these days, trust me, I totally understand. But HealthMarkets agents have a knack for calming troubled waters and helping you see that finding health insurance doesn’t have to be the monumental feat you’re afraid it is. Call (888) 652-3656 and find out for yourself!

Disclaimer: The character appearing in this story is fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



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