With all of the recent changes in healthcare, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. Changes in your insurance policies and new minimum requirements seem daunting when you stack them up. But, when you look at them in smaller chunks, even the most complicated Obamacare facts can seem simple.

Cost, Coverage, and Care

There are three categories of Obamacare facts that affect your healthcare: cost, coverage, and care.

Here are the top ten things you need to know.

Obamacare affects these points of your healthcare plan:

  1. Lifetime limits
  2. Premium spikes
  3. Premium dollar spending
  4. Pre-existing condition limitations
  5. Coverage for dependents under age 26
  6. Cancelation of coverage based on mistakes
  7. Denial appeals
  8. Preventive care
  9. Choice of primary doctor
  10. Emergency visits


  1. No new health insurance plans can include lifetime limits on most benefits.
  2. If an insurance company raises premiums, they must publically justify them.
  3. The amount you spend on premiums has to be spent primarily on healthcare rather than administrative costs.


  1. Healthcare plans cannot limit or deny benefits for pre-existing conditions.
  2. If your child is under 26, they may remain on your healthcare plan.
  3. Insurers can’t cancel your coverage if you make a mistake on your application.
  4. If your health insurance plan denies payment, you have the right to appeal their decision.


  1. Eligible enrollees are covered for preventive services at no additional cost (no copayment, deductible, or coinsurance).
  2. You choose your primary care physician within your plan’s network.
  3. You will not be penalized for going to an out-of-network hospital for a true emergency situation.

Essential Benefit

The Obamacare facts about cost, coverage, and care aren’t the only ones that affect your healthcare plan. In addition to those, there are the 10 essential health benefits. These are benefits that individual and small group insurance plans must include in their policies to provide a minimum base for your coverage.

Want to know more?

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