navigate health insuranceLike many others in our country, I’ve been excited about the rollout of the government health insurance exchange. My interest is both personal and professional. From a personal standpoint, the exchange presents a life changing chance for a family member of mine to obtain individual health insurance.  Because of a pre-existing condition, one of my siblings hasn’t been able to obtain affordable health insurance coverage and care – until now. What’s frustrating is that the health exchange website glitches have been widespread and ongoing.

Being in the insurance industry, I wanted to see how I could help my sibling so I went online and tried my luck on the government health exchange website. On my first try, I got stuck by one of the usual errors talked about by the news media – the security question drop-downs weren’t working at all!  I returned to the website a few other times but there was no improvement. I gave up. Now it is reported it is working much better but that there is still a lot of work to be done before the end-to-end process is fully functional.

Given the problems with the exchange website, the rest of my sibling’s story remains to be written but access to coverage for all Americans is a much-needed step in the right direction. I also believe that working with a health insurance agent is more important than ever. I know that when customers finally get to see the health plans available on the exchange, they will have to sort through many plans from multiple insurance companies. This will be very confusing.

That’s where an agent can really help. A licensed agent can help you:

  1. Understand the difference between the plan options and provide personalized advice.
  2. Understand the new government subsidies and potential tax penalties.
  3. Navigate the exchange website to make the shopping and application process easier.

Shopping for affordable health insurance can be a daunting task given all the different plan options, deductibles, co-insurance levels and so on. Adding the health insurance exchange glitches on top of that makes it even worse.

Here at HealthMarkets, we’re committed and ready to do our part to help make the shopping experience as easy as possible. Let us help you navigate the shark-filled waters of health insurance.

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