If you already have a health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act, your plan’s renewal notice should arrive sometime this fall. If you’ve decided to re-enroll, you don’t have to do anything because health plans – and any corresponding government subsidies – automatically renew. However, to ensure that you don’t lose your subsidy or have it remain at last year’s level, we highly recommend calling HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. Our agents will be able to help you with any changes in your subsidy, the renewal price, or plan itself.

Key Open Enrollment Dates to Remember

If you don’t have health insurance and need to buy it—or have insurance but want to explore other options—mark your calendar with the key Open Enrollment dates, which begin November 1, 2016. This is the first day you can get price quotes and review health plan options for the 2017 calendar year. Open Enrollment ends January 31, 2017. That is the very last day you can enroll in a health plan in 2017, unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. (You are eligible for Special Enrollment following certain life events that cause a change in your family status, like a marriage or the birth of a child.) But keep in mind, the special enrollment period only lasts for 60 days from the date of the qualifying event.

When does my health insurance coverage begin?

When your new plan begins depends on when you enroll, so if you’re buying health insurance during the Open Enrollment period, there are a few important dates you’ll want to keep in mind.

Enrollment Periods

Coverage Start Dates

11/1/16 – 12/15/16 1/1/17
12/16/16 – 1/15/17 2/1/17
1/16/17 – 1/31/17 3/1/17

As you shop for health insurance, keep a calendar handy with these dates in mind, or you risk missing an important deadline and being unable to get the coverage you want. Of the various Open Enrollment dates to remember, an especially important one is January 31, 2017—it’s your absolute last chance to enroll.

Buying health insurance can feel overwhelming at times but HealthMarkets can help make the process easier. With access to more than 200 different insurance companies, thousands of health insurance plans nationwide and the ability to lower your costs with government subsidies, we can help you find the plan that’s right for you and your family. Call us 24/7 at (800) 304-3414, get quotes at HealthMarkets.com or meet with one of our 3,000 local, licensed health insurance agents.


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