Since the Supreme Court granted same-sex marriage for all 50 states in 2015, the LGBT community has celebrated with more than 1.1 million weddings. If you’re among the newly married—or thinking about getting married soon—are you prepared for your financial future? One way to get off to a solid start is through the purchase of life insurance, specifically a plan that meets your needs—you could even call it gay life insurance.

No matter how large or small your family, life insurance for LGBT individuals can help you find peace of mind by helping you plan a solid future together and beyond. Of course, it can help a surviving spouse or partner should you die. But did you know that money from an insurance policy can help cover expenses such as a mortgage, help fund a business venture, or help you leave a legacy to your favorite charity?

To help members of the community understand how life insurance can benefit their families, HealthMarkets has created Your Guide to Life Insurance for LGBT Individuals.

Topics in the guide include:

  • Is Life Insurance Right for Your Family?
  • A Plain-English Explanation of Life Insurance
  • Determining How Much Coverage You Need
  • Innovative Ways to Use Life Insurance
  • Retirement and Long-Term Care Planning

HealthMarkets wants to help you be comfortable with life insurance, and we’re here to support you through the entire process. Start by downloading Your Guide to Life Insurance for LGBT Individuals today. And when you’re ready, or if you have any questions, contact one of our licensed life insurance agents at (800) 917-4169.


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