As a parent, you know that your primary obligation is protect your child. You do your best to protect them from physical and emotional harm, but what about financial security?

One way to provide a financial foundation for your kids is through child life insurance. It’s similar to life insurance for adults, but created for minors. You might be surprised at how simple it can be to purchase coverage.

Purchasing a life insurance policy while your children are young and healthy guarantees their lifelong insurability. After all, life insurance can offer valuable protection, be used as a financial tool, and, of course, cover expenses in the event of a tragedy.

To help you learn more about life insurance for children, HealthMarkets has created Your Guide to Life Insurance for Children. It helps you explore the details involved in insuring your children and discusses why the decision to do so could be a wise investment.

Topics include:

  • What child life insurance is
  • Reasons to purchase coverage
  • The types of policies available
  • Determining how much insurance your child needs
  • Tips for insuring grandchildren

Now is a great time to get a price on a life insurance policy that could save your family more than money. HealthMarkets wants to help you build a financially stable future for your children. Start by downloading the pdf today. And when you’re ready, or if you have any questions, contact one of our trained and licensed agents at (800) 917-4169.


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