Thinking about life insurance can be tough. It’s something we know we need, but it means having to face our own mortality. It also means trying to understand terms such as whole life, term life, and nonparticipating. Even though purchasing a life insurance policy can be a huge benefit to you and your family, we understand how it can appear overwhelming.

The decision to put off buying a life insurance policy is a common one. But the longer you wait, the more you risk paying significantly higher rates. The sooner you purchase, the lower the costs. It’s that simple.

Why do I need life insurance?

Discover how easy it can be to purchase life insurance coverage so that, should the unexpected happen, the financial resources your family needs will be there for them. To help you understand the terms, cut through the jargon, and be confident when choosing a policy, HealthMarkets has created an easy-to-read life insurance guide.

Topics in the guide include:

  • A comparison of term life vs whole life insurance
  • Life events that trigger the need for life insurance
  • How to calculate the amount of insurance coverage you need
  • Determining the best type of life insurance policy for you and your family
  • Retirement and long-term care planning

HealthMarkets wants to help you be comfortable with life insurance terms, and we’ll be there with you through the process. Start by downloading the PDF Your Guide to Life Insurance. And when you’re ready, or if you have any questions, contact one of our trained and licensed agents at (800) 917-4169.


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