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Interview Transcript:

Larry Elder: Well it’s no secret that there’s lots of concern for the future of healthcare in America, and the new enrollment period for Medicare just started a few days ago. And a lot of our listeners aren’t really sure if they’ve got the right plan or feel that perhaps they’re paying too much. That’s why we’ve got a special guest here to today to explain it all. Mike Stahl is from HealthMarkets — that’s a national organization — that helps folks just like you find the right Medicare coverage. Welcome to the show, Mike.

Mike Stahl: Thanks, Larry. HealthMarkets offers a free service that searches thousands of Medicare plans nationwide to helps folks maximize their benefits and save money. Your listeners can go to or call us at 800-730-1372. 800-730-1372.

Larry Elder: All right, Mike. Now the enrollment period is here, as I mentioned earlier. What do my listeners need to know about this?

Mike Stahl: First, there may be significant changes in the year ahead that could impact your Medicare costs. So you have to ask yourself, are you getting the best rate? Medicare plans can change every year and there may be options that could increase your benefits and lower how much you pay. Even if you’re currently enrolled in Medicare, if you don’t have the right plan, you could be left with thousands of dollars in expenses. That’s why HealthMarkets has set up a free Medicare enrollment service that will help get you the benefits and savings you’re entitled to. The service is free just by calling.

Larry Elder: Mike, now isn’t the enrollment period in Medicare automatic? Doesn’t it just happen on its own?

Mike Stahl: Well, no. Folks need to understand that enrollment is not automatic. Don’t chance paying more than you have to or missing out on important benefits. When you call HealthMarkets, we’ll search thousands of Medicare plans from leading insurance companies nationwide, plans that may cost less and cover more with lower copayments; more choices like dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage; and the freedom to see the doctors you choose. Best of all, the service is free.

Larry Elder: Now you mentioned cost. Let’s talk about costs. Healthcare costs are crushing so many Americans. How can they get help?

Mike Stahl: You’re right, Larry. If you aren’t careful you could be paying much more than you have to in healthcare costs. My advice? Don’t go it alone. If you call HealthMarkets, we’ll help you find all the Medicare savings you’re entitled to. We can also see if you qualify for the many plans with $0 monthly premiums. Or additional prescription drug savings through Medicare’s Extra Help program. Call us. HealthMarkets has enrolled Americans in millions of insurance plans, and our licensed insurance agents can do the work for you, making the process really easy. Keep in mind that the deadline for enrollment is coming soon, I would urge your listeners to act now.

Larry Elder: All this sounds great, Mike. Now obviously when it comes to Medicare it’s really important that folks have the right plan for them and at the right price. Tell our listeners one last time how they can receive free help from HealthMarkets.

Mike Stahl: It’s very easy. For our free Medicare service, listeners can go to or call 800-730-1372. 800-730-1372. Don’t miss the Medicare deadline. Call 800-730-1372.

Larry Elder: That’s 800-730-1372. 800-730-1372. Thank you so much, Mike. I appreciate it.

Mike Stahl: Thank you, Larry.

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