Basketball Hoop

Love basketball? Love being healthy? Love the feeling of knowing you have the Medicare coverage that fits your needs?

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency’s process for finding you the right Medicare plan has more than a passing similarity to a certain bracketed basketball tournament that takes the nation by storm every March.

A single-elimination tournament sorts through the best teams in college basketball to find a winner. These teams might not always be the most well-known; in fact, America loves the story of a Cinderella underdog facing off against an established program.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is also a way to sort through a multitude of options to find a winner – in this case, the winning Medicare coverage for you. That means the coverage that meets your budget and your healthcare needs.

Your winning Medicare healthcare coverage might be like a Cinderella team – one you wouldn’t have initially expected to fit, but that ultimately works best for you. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency helps you find that coverage by looking at thousands of plans from nationally-recognized companies.

There are of course differences between the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship and the process of finding the right Medicare coverage with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. For one thing, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency doesn’t just compare 68 options like the tournament does. We compare thousands of plans nationwide.

Oh, and you know how it can take a lot of work and analysis to fill out a basketball bracket? Imagine how challenging it would be to sort through so many different Medicare coverage options on your own. That’s why HealthMarkets Insurance Agency does the research for you so that you can make the final decision with ease. All you need to do is call HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.

Plus, you’ll often find yourself plunking down a chunk of change to compete in your office bracket pool. But HealthMarkets Insurance Agency’s help in finding you the right Medicare plan comes at no cost to you.

Working with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency to find Medicare coverage feels like sinking a half-court shot at the buzzer: awesome.



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