Medicare is a health insurance plan for people 65 and older, and it is also offered to people under 65 years old who have certain disabilities.  Finding the right Medicare coverage can be difficult, but HealthMarkets makes it easy for you. Answer these questions to get a better idea of the Medicare plan that fits your needs.

There are two main Medicare plans: Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.  Original Medicare involves hospital insurance and medical insurance (Parts A and B).  Medicare Advantage combines Original Medicare with Part D (drug coverage).

Infographic on How to Pick a Medicare Plan

Do You Need Part D?

The drug coverage plan is called Medicare Part D. Part D covers all of your prescription drug costs and can be added to Original Medicare or purchased as a standalone plan.  If you choose a Original Medicare plan, you should decide if you want to pay for Medicare Part D.  If you get a Medicare Advantage plan, you are eligible to enroll for the Part D plan.  The Medicare drug plan is a smart way to manage the costs of your prescription drugs.

Do You Need Supplemental Coverage?

If you decide you want a Medicare supplement plan, your Medicare coverage will expand past Original Medicare If you have Original Medicare and want supplemental coverage, you can buy Medigap, the supplemental insurance plan.  If you have Medicare Advantage, you don’t need to buy Medigap, as it is included as a benefit in the Advantage plan. Medigap is designed to help fill the gaps in coverage between Parts A and B. This plan gives you more predictable costs for expenses. Supplement plans are listed here.

Questions About Medicare and The Supplemental Plans

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