Welcome back, October!

You know what that means?
Why yes. Yes, I do!

Hello patio-friendly eves! (aka Adios 3-digit temps!)

October is a great time of year. From cooler temps to tempting foods, the list of October greats is abundant.

For you, October might mean:

   • Pumpkin anything indulgence
   • Grandchildren leaf pile mayhem
   • Snowbird travel excitement

But let’s not forget, October also means carving out time to consider your 2018 Medicare coverage needs.

What if I already have Medicare coverage?

It’s still a good idea to compare your options.  Like the seasons, change is constant.  If you already have Medicare coverage, I highly recommend using this time to make sure it’s still working for you. And if it is, great! But you won’t know until you review it.

Make a confident decision.

The Annual Election Period (AEP) begins October 15, aka you’re going to receive a lot of Medicare information from multiple health insurance companies.  For now, I suggest putting it all aside  and using this time to understand your health care needs.  That way, when you’re ready to review your options, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a Medicare plan.

What are your health care needs?

First, prepare your favorite beverage and find a notepad, pen and comfortable seat. Relax. Now ask yourself the following questions (and write down any other questions that come to mind).  Your answers can help you make an informed, more confident decision about your Medicare coverage needs.

BlogImage_Question Has your health changed recently?
How often do you visit your doctor?
Do you have a chronic condition?
Are you taking any prescription medication regularly?
Do you have any scheduled medical procedures in 2018?
Do you have a specific doctor, hospital or pharmacy you want to use?
How much have you paid out-of-pocket for health care this year?

Don’t stress. It’s not a test.

You may not be able to answer all of these questions at once, and may even find that your answers change as you give it more thought.  Don’t stress.  Understanding your health care needs, medical history and plans for the future takes time.

Need help?

BlogImage_NoCostUnderstanding your health care needs and your 2018 Medicare plan options is no easy task. But working with one of the more than 3,000 licensed HealthMarkets insurance agents can help make it a much easier one.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with a HealthMarkets insurance agent:

   • A health care needs analysis
   • Review of your current Medicare coverage & benefits
   • Comparison of your 2018 Medicare options and costs
   • Answers to your Original Medicare and private plan questions
   • Review of your financial assistance eligibility
   • Help selecting your Medicare coverage and plan enrollment

HealthMarkets can help, and there’s no obligation.

You can work with a HealthMarkets agent in-person or on the phone, the choice is yours. To get started today, call (800) 488-7621 (TTY711) 24/7.

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