Understanding Medicare coverage when you first become eligible can be confusing. What are your choices? How do you pick a Medicare plan? Which path is right for you? Medicare can be challenging at first, but HealthMarkets makes it easier.

How Do I Choose a Medicare Plan?

There are two paths when receiving Medicare coverage.

  1. Original Medicare, facilitated by the government, includes hospital insurance (Part A) and medical insurance (Part B). You can select additional plans, like drug coverage (Part D) and supplemental costs coverage (Medicare Supplement), to add on to this path.
  2. Medicare Advantage (also known as Part C) is offered by private insurance companies. It includes Original Medicare (Parts A & B) and is often packaged with additional benefits such as drug coverage (Part D), dental, hearing, and/or vision coverage in a single plan.


Infographic on How to Pick a Medicare Plan

Do You Need Medicare Part D?

Part D coverage is optional. However, if you don’t pick a Medicare Part D plan when you first sign up for Medicare, you will likely have to pay a penalty. So, it’s a good idea to ensure you have drug coverage from the beginning.

A Medicare drug coverage plan is called Medicare Part D and is offered by private insurance companies. If you choose Original Medicare, you will need to purchase a Part D plan if you want drug coverage. Most Medicare Advantage plans include Part D coverage, but if your plan does not, you’ll need to purchase a separate plan to get drug coverage.

Do You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare Supplement plans are optional and can only be paired with Original Medicare. You are not able to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan if you have Medicare Advantage.

Since Original Medicare doesn’t cover all of your out-of-pocket costs, a Medicare Supplement plan can help offset those expenses. This coverage can help with costs such as copayments, coinsurance, Part A deductibles, and even foreign travel medical emergencies with some plans. There are several different options with varying levels of coverage and premium costs.

HealthMarkets Can Answer Medicare Questions and Help You Apply

Not sure which Medicare path is right for you? Let us help you pick a Medicare plan by answering a few simple questions online. You can also compare plans, view benefit details, and apply for certain coverage anytime.


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