Health insurance is designed to help you pay for medical care that, for the most part, you see coming. You know you’ll need regular doctor’s appointments for check-ups, flu shots, and illness. But what about the situations you never expect? For all the surprise bumps and bruises on life’s path, you may need to invest in accident insurance.

Accidents Happen

Let’s say Sarah’s out on a morning run, and she takes a tumble down rocky terrain. Maybe Sarah sprains her knee or fractures her elbow—or maybe both! She heads to the emergency room, thinking her health insurance will cover the whole visit.

But she forgot about her deductible. If she has a high-deductible healthcare plan—a type of insurance plan designed to offer low monthly premiums in exchange for high out-of-pocket costs1—she may be on the hook for thousands of dollars at one time. And if the service or procedure requires coinsurance, rather than a copay, she may be responsible for a percentage of her hospital bill instead of a flat amount. If that bill shoots sky high, her coinsurance payment will, too.

And what if she needs surgery on that elbow? The bills may really begin to rack up. Hospital costs per inpatient day averaged $2,517 in 2018, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.2 If her surgery is significant and she stays in the hospital for a day or so, her wallet may be in trouble.

Also, Sarah may have been taken to an out-of-network hospital, so her care might be costlier than it would be in-network. Many consumers don’t realize that even in-network hospitals can contract with out-of-network physicians. If her surgeon isn’t a part of her healthcare network, she could be responsible for a much greater percentage of her bill than she thought she was.3

Even her ambulance ride could cut into her bank account significantly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 20.2 million emergency room patients arrived by ambulance in 20174. Ambulance rides can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on the insurance plan and the medical supplies needed during the trip.5

Supplemental Accident Insurance* From HealthMarkets Can Help

HealthMarkets offers access to supplemental accident insurance plans that can help mitigate high healthcare costs associated with qualified accidents or injuries. These can help you cover the expenses you incur from accidents, whether you’ve simply taken a fall or sustained a critical, life-threatening injury. They pay you a lump sum cash benefit, depending on the plan and level of coverage you select. Some plans can also pay a direct daily benefit.6*

And the best part is that you can use the money for anything you need, from paying your deductible at the hospital to paying the rent while you’re recovering. Benefits are paid directly to you, not to your doctor or the hospital. It’s your money, and you know best how to use it.6*

These insurance plans have premiums that will depend on your selected benefit level, age, and a number of other factors. Getting a supplemental insurance quote is a simple way you can compare benefits and coverage.

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