Dental insurance no waiting period and your smileWith overloaded, overwhelming schedules, millions of Americans ignore their pearly whites until they encounter an issue such as pain or sensitivity. Many may not be aware that purchasing dental insurance doesn’t have to be another tedious chore dragging them down. In fact, some companies offer dental insurance with no waiting period1.

Why Does Dental Insurance Sometimes Have a Waiting Period?

Many enrollees are surprised to learn their dental insurance policy involves a waiting period before benefits become accessible. Depending on the nature of the procedure needed, waiting periods may vary.

Certain treatments can involve a 6 or 12 month waiting period. For example, bite adjustment, space maintainers, and panoramic films typically include a six month waiting period. More complicated services such as the placement of complete or partial dentures, crowns, or oral surgery may have a 12 month waiting period.

Dental insurance companies sometimes require a waiting period to deter enrollees from waiting to purchase dental insurance until they need a major dental procedure. However, some dental plans do not require a waiting period for certain benefits.

Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Some dental insurance plans provide top-level “premier” and “basic” plans. They cover certain preventative and diagnostic services with no waiting period.

These preventative services often include:

  • twice-a-year dental cleanings
  • fluoride treatments for children and adolescents
  • dental sealants

The diagnostic services generally consist of:

  • oral evaluations
  • bitewing x-rays
  • vertical bitewings
  • casts

Diagnostic services such as x-rays are vital because they detect issues not visible to the naked eye including cavities, gum disease, and abnormal growths or tumors.

Maintaining regular dental cleanings will allow dental professionals to catch problems early. This can save you time and money in the long run. Dental insurance companies also recognize the importance of regular dental care. As a result, they typically cover basic preventative care such as dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays including several diagnostic and restorative services.

Finding the Best Dental Insurance Plan for You

To keep costs low, review the differences between premium and basic coverage levels, choosing based on your unique needs. This will determine your costs. It is also important to know what services would require a waiting period, like root canals, and what services are included in dental insurance with no waiting period options, like regular cleanings. Depending on your household needs, choose a coverage level that will provide you with the best oral health options.

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1 Products with no waiting period may not be offered in every state or zip code.


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