You may have been mislead about supplemental health insurance coverage. But don’t worry. We’re here to clear that up for you! Despite the myth (and many commercials), supplemental insurance covers much more than accidents.

More Than You Think

You may be surprised to learn that supplemental health insurance often consists of 9 categories. Within each of these, a company could offer multiple products. On top of that, each product may have different levels of coverage. All of these factors allow you to choose the right policy and level of coverage for your household.

How many of the following supplemental insurance categories do you know?

What Are You Missing?

Supplemental health insurance is meant to fill the gaps in your health insurance coverage. Not only does it help cover accidents and injuries, it could also help to protect your assets when faced with a critical illness. Many plans provide you with cash benefits, safeguarding your personal wealth and resources when faced with long-term care needs, a sudden injury, illness, or disability.

What could you be missing out on without one of the many supplemental policies?

Simple Coverage for Simple or Complex Needs

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