As you age, so do your eyes. Over time, the most common eye and vision problems experienced are due to visual stress, cumulative eye damage, and sustained eye injuries. Luckily, there is a preventive tool you can use to help you maintain your eyesight over time—vision insurance. Vision insurance can help you maintain your eyesight in two basic ways—keeping your prescriptions up to date and preventing unseen damage or disease from progressing with regular eye exams.

Keeping your prescriptions up to date

More than three quarters of adults require some form of vision correction. However, this does not mean more than three quarters of adults are wearing the correct prescription.

Unfortunately, your prescription lenses don’t last forever. As your eyes age, your vision may change in small increments. These changes may alter your prescription each year. If you are wearing an outdated prescription, or no prescription despite vision impairment, you risk overusing your eyes. This overuse causes an issue known as ‘wrong glasses prescription‘.

Wearing a wrong prescription for glasses can cause headaches from eyestrain, dizziness, vertigo, and even nausea. If money is a concern, you may think that eyestrain seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a new pair of glasses or contacts. The truth is, you don’t have to “just live with it.” Vision insurance plans allow regular visits and eye exams with an optometrist. They also include allowances for glasses and contacts to help keep your prescription current and affordable.

Preventative care can save your eyesight

Although it seems backwards, you can’t always see what’s happening to your eyes with the naked eye. The first signs of glaucoma, corneal damage, or ocular immobility are hard to determine in front of the mirror.

Luckily, regular eye exams can provide an early defense against ailments that cause vision loss. In almost every case, early identification and treatment provide the best results. If an optometrist can identify an issue before it becomes serious, they have a much better chance of treating the problem and protecting your vision. But how can you afford regular eye exams?

With vision insurance! A vision insurance plan will help cover the costs of regular exams with an optometrist.

Adults should visit the optometrist regularly

At a minimum, anyone over 18 should be using their vision insurance and scheduling regular eye exams at least every two years. This should be done as a preventative measure, whether any symptoms are experienced or not. According to the American Optometric Association, those with other known or genetic risk factors should schedule annual exams.

Find an insurance solution amid a sea of choices

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