“HealthMarkets saved me $25,000 and saved my business.”

-Sheryl White, Owner, The Fiddly Fig

You can be a Small Business Hero.

You have the power. Today there are more options than ever before to help small businesses and their employees insure their health and financial well-being. Many have already taken advantage of these solutions to conquer one of the toughest challenges facing small businesses today.

When Sheryl took over The Fiddly Fig from her father, her group health plan rates had increased by 80%. If she wasn’t able to reduce costs, she would have been forced to shut the doors on a 30-year-old business.

That’s when she reached out to her HealthMarkets agent who showed her options that saved her thousands of dollars annually – and saved her business.

Sheryl’s coverage switch: before and after

Reviewing her options empowered Sheryl to make a change that saved her money and saved her business.

That makes her a Small Business Hero.

You can be a Small Business Hero too. Instantly see all your options.