What is a FitScore?

The FitScoreTM is the quick, easy way to maximize your benefits and save money. After answering a few short questions, HealthMarkets searches thousands of plans from leading insurance companies to provide a customized list of the right options for you. The higher the FitScore, the closer the plan is to your ideal match.

It’s quick, easy, and helps ensure that you’re satisfied with the plan you choose.

Get Your Annual Checkup

Does your current plan still give you all the benefits you deserve? The wrong plan could cost you thousands more in out-of-pocket costs than it should. With the FitScore, you’ll get an annual checkup to help ensure your coverage still fits your health, vision, and dental needs.

To compare coverage you could scroll through a long list of plans and pick one at random. Or you can perform a checkup the better way with the HealthMarkets FitScore. The FitScore is your unbiased guide to a better deal.

Choose Coverage with Confidence

Want to keep your doctors? Want coverage for your prescription medications? Want the lowest premium? In just seconds, the FitScore ranks available plans that are right for your needs. And you can compare them side by side with your current plan.

The FitScore makes finding the right plan fast and free.

How Do We Determine the FitScore?

While searching for a new insurance plan – or comparing your existing one – you’ll provide information about your Medicare, Health, Dental, and Vision needs and what’s important to you. Your answers help us:

  1. Verify which plans are available in your area.
  2. Match your current doctors, prescription drugs, and pharmacy.
  3. Evaluate which plans match your needs.
  4. Rank every plan with a number from 0 – 100.

You’ll see the recommended plans, their scores, and can even view an explanation about why the top plan was recommended.

The FitScore makes it easy for you to choose a coverage with confidence that it’s the right plan for you.

Your FitScore Annual Checkup.

Tell us your priorities and we’ll find the right match.

Example of what a Medicare FitScore recommendation looks like

Results shown above are not a real plan; for demonstration purposes only.
For a complete list of plans, contact 800-MEDICARE (TTY: 877-486-2048), 24/7 or consult medicare.gov.

Try the FitScore today to maximize your benefits and save money.