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If you're looking for affordable health insurance for children in SC, you have options. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), kids have more opportunities for health care to help parents and guardians afford health coverage. Instead of spending searching for an all-inclusive policy yourself, you can rely on HealthMarkets Insurance Agency for valuable help.

Since 2010, HealthMarkets has helped families across the nation find the health care they need to maintain their health. Families in South Carolina have access to our local, licensed agents, day or night, to find the plan that works for their unique health needs and budget.

How to Find Affordable Health Care for SC Kids

With the new healthcare laws defined by the ACA, American kids have better access and coverage to the health care they need to grow up healthy. From newborns to young adults, your health coverage is covered.

As an essential health benefit, newborn care is required to be covered by health insurance providers to help mothers and families find affordable care for the newest addition to their families. Likewise, children up to the age of 18 years of age are required to be covered, as well. Pediatric care, including health and wellness, dental, and vision care must be covered in full when care is received at an in-network provider.

Additionally, the healthcare laws made it so kids and young adults in coverage can remain on their family's health coverage as a dependent. By increasing the age of eligible dependents to 26, kids seeking higher education or looking to enter the job market after graduating can remain covered long enough to get on their feet and find their own health plan. 

With the ACA, South Carolina families have more options than ever finding health insurance that fits their needs — and their kids, too! To learn about your child's coverage options, contact HealthMarkets today.

Find Affordable Health Insurance for Your Children in South Carolina

HealthMarkets has created a service that will help your family locate the affordable health insurance for children in South Carolina. Our friendly professionals will compare your needs to the policies offered by more than 180 different insurance companies nationwide to find the ones that work for your family.

To get the coverage your family needs, give us a call at (800) 360-1402 or request a free quote online today to get started.


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