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Wellness Plans

Get healthy and stay healthy with affordable products that promote your personal wellbeing.

If you are looking for economical ways to improve your health, consider the suite of affordable wellness products offered by HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. All wellness products may be purchased individually or in any combination, with no age restrictions and may include services and discounts for:

  • Dental and vision care, prescriptions, alternative health care and wellness screenings
  • Health coaching, fitness program planning and tracking, diet and nutrition planning, gym memberships, vitamins/supplements and immunizations.
  • Consultations via telephone or web 24/7 with physicians who can prescribe medication.
  • Access to a nurse line, health advocates who can identify treatment options, help navigating the health care system, and access to personal medical records through a secure, online system.

To learn more about products that can help you get healthy and stay healthy, contact HealthMarkets today.

The wellness products described above are not insurance and do not include any insurance benefits.

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