Affordable protection with short-term health insurance

A short-term health plan could start tomorrow and help bridge the gap in coverage in a time of transition

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Temporary Medical Insurance

Find the right coverage in a time of transition.

With short-term policies, healthy applicants can secure immediate individual and family coverage, with plans that can kick in as early as the next day. If you already know the number of days you will need to be covered, your insurer may allow you to make a single payment for the whole coverage period.

Your short-term plan offers:

Affordable Rates

Low cost health insurance for less than $1 per day

Fast Approval

Approval as early as tomorrow

Flexible Term

30 days to almost 3 months of coverage

Short-term insurance plans may be a good fit for healthy individuals who just need temporary coverage. The plans, though, weren’t designed to cover everything, and they do not provide coverage for all of the ACA’s essential benefits. You could still be subject to the tax penalty with a short-term plan.

A short-term plan can help protect you

In a moment of transition

For special events

To fill a gap in coverage

Waiting for Medicare coverage

Make sure to view all plan details and exclusions. Short-term plans typically will not cover routine office visits, maternity, mental health or preventative care. They, also, will not cover preexisting conditions.

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