Think about what has changed in your life over the past year. If you’re like most people, probably quite a bit! Nothing stays the same forever, including health insurance policies. Because the policies and your needs are always changing, you should review your health insurance policy annually. Performing an annual review can give you comfort knowing that staying with the same plan is right for you. Or, you may discover that other options are more suited to your needs and budget at this time.

Changes in Your Health

Have you had your yearly physical? If not, make sure that you do so before you review your health insurance policy. Your physical may reveal some health problems that you’ll want to make sure are covered. On the bright side, if you’ve done a good job with your New Year’s resolutions, you may be able to scale back or get discounts for good health!

Changes with Your Medications

If your health status has changed, you may be taking new or different medications. Take the time to explore other prescription options. Perhaps other health insurance policies cover generic medications that your current policy doesn’t.

Changes in Benefits

When health insurance providers make changes to their plans, they usually inform you of the changes by mail. Never assume that anything that comes from your health insurance provider is junk mail. If you shred it without reading it first, you may miss out on some important information. Review your policy each year to make sure that you know what you are entitled to.

Changes in Cost

At the end of the year, prices often change and deductibles reset. Review your policy to determine whether or not the costs associated with it have changed. The price doesn’t usually go down and an increase in price or a higher deductible may mean you can save money by reviewing new health insurance options.

Health insurance companies are always adding new offerings, so it’s a good idea to review your health insurance policy annually to make sure it’s still the right fit for you. HealthMarkets can help you compare plans that best fit your needs. Get started today!


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