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If you’re involved in an accident, you may need help to manage the expenses not covered by your major medical insurance. That’s why we recommend accident insurance. When you suffer an injury due to an accident, having supplemental insurance, such as accident insurance, can reduce the stress you’ll manage throughout the ordeal.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency works with several insurance companies to compare plans in order to provide you with options and guidance. Since 2010, HealthMarkets has helped enroll Americans in more than 4 million insurance policies.

Why Is Accident Insurance a Good Precaution?

Accident insurance is a type of supplemental insurance. It provides an added layer of financial protection should you become injured, which helps pay for expenses that your major medical insurance doesn’t cover. Policyholders often use their payout to cover these costs:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Hospital stays
  • Medical exams
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Supplemental pay
  • Co-pays
  • Follow-up doctor visits
  • Physical therapy

The licensed agents at HealthMarkets are here to help you find the best insurance for your needs. We are proud when patrons are happy with their coverage, like Jarvis from Atlanta, GA, was when he said, “I purchased a supplemental accident plan and then had an accident that required me to go to the ER and miss two days of work. I received a check for $1,000.00 eight days after I submitted my claim. This will not only help me pay my co-pay but also cover my lost wages.”

As a company, our vision is to make insurance shopping easy, so you can focus on the important things in life. We offer personalized assistance 24/7 over the phone as well as a user-friendly online shopping experience for your convenience. Find an agent in your area today.


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