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The health insurance marketplace in Georgia provides you with many options. The choices can get confusing, but it doesn’t have to. HealthMarkets can make it easier. Our licensed agents can compare plans, find a great policy that fits your needs, and get you enrolled—all at no charge to you.

Think you can’t afford health insurance? Think again. In 2018, 90 percent of Georgians qualified for tax credits that lowered their monthly premiums. In 2019, 26.3 percent of uninsured Georgians were eligible for $0 premiums.

Finding Coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Georgia

Georgia residents may benefit from individual coverage or combined coverage with a spouse and/or children. HealthMarkets’ licensed agents can help you price different policies to decide which option is best for your budget.

Selecting the right health insurance policy can give you and your family peace of mind. We can even help you determine if you qualify for government subsidies, which lower the cost of your monthly premiums. 

Agents are available 24/7 to help you navigate the health insurance marketplace in Georgia. Call us at (800) 360-1402 to get started.


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