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Before you look for health insurance on the healthcare marketplace in Missouri, it helps to arm yourself with knowledge. With a variety of plans, prices, and benefits, shopping for a policy can get confusing. But HealthMarkets can make it easy!

Our licensed agents can listen to your needs and match you to plans that will fit your requirements. We can even search plans from nationally known brands that aren’t sold on the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchange.

Did you know that tax subsidies are available to some Missourians that lower monthly payments? In 2018, 88% of Missouri’s 208,395 enrollees qualified for premium reductions. In 2019, 26% of uninsured residents could purchase a health plan for $0 a month. HealthMarkets can help you determine if you’re eligible.

Why Use HealthMarkets Instead of The Federal Exchange?



Free consultation with a licensed agent

Option to see an agent in person

List of all plans available to you

Comparison of plans that are relevant to your needs


Ability to suggest health plans off the exchange

Assessment of tax subsidy eligibility

Enrollment assistance

Dental and vision plans available

Plan Comparisons on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Missouri

When selecting a policy from the health insurance marketplace, Missouri residents should review:

  • the affordability of the plan,
  • what the plan offers,
  • copayment and deductible amounts,
  • out-of-pocket limits, if any, and
  • network limitations.

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when browsing plans on the health insurance marketplace in Missouri.

Contact HealthMarkets (800) 360-1402 at for no-cost, no obligation help with finding the right health insurance plan for you or your family.


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