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If you’re ready to purchase a new plan from the health insurance marketplace in Nebraska, don’t wade through your options alone. HealthMarkets is here to make it easy, and our agents’ services come at no cost to you!

Choosing a plan is easier when you have a HealthMarkets licensed agent by your side. Our agents can make recommendations based on your budget and needs. We can even offer plans that aren’t available on the Nebraska health exchange.

Don’t let the fear of high premiums cloud your search for a health plan. In 2018, 96 percent of Nebraskans who signed up for health plans on the exchange qualified for a premium-lowering tax subsidy. You may even be able to find plans as low as $0 per month, if you qualify. In 2019, 49 percent of uninsured Nebraskans had access to plans with a $0 monthly premium. A HealthMarkets agent can help determine if you qualify. 

Your Policy and the Health Insurance Marketplace in Nebraska

Agents can discuss the different policies that meet your requirements and compare the available plans on the health insurance marketplace. Nebraska residents can compare plans based on:

  • Premiums. Choosing an affordable monthly payment is a top goal for most people shopping the Nebraska health insurance marketplace.
  • Copayments. A reasonable copayment makes it easier to see the doctor when needed.
  • Deductibles. Carefully check the amount your policy expects you to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in.

Discuss your needs with HealthMarkets to find a plan that works for you on the health insurance marketplace in Nebraska. 

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