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The majority of Americans are required to purchase an insurance plans under new ACA (or “Obamacare”) laws, but are confused by the number of options and regulations. If you’re shopping the health insurance marketplace in Vermont and you’re finding yourself in the same boat, you’re in luck! You actually have more options than ever in finding great health insurance in the Vermont marketplace.


Vermont residents have benefitted from new healthcare laws in the following ways:

  • Out of 38,048 residents of VT enrolled in the marketplace, 59% chose a plan with financial assistance.
  • Vermont has received $172,641,081 in grants to improve healthcare in the state.
  • With the expansion of coverage for young adults to stay on their family plans longer, 5,000 residents under 26 have access to coverage that they didn’t before.
  • Due to ending discrimination against residents in Vermont with pre-exisiting conditions - 280,727 residents with conditions such as Asthma have access to affordable coverage.
  • … this is just to name a few ways new regulations can help you in Vermont.

Choosing a Policy from the Health Insurance Marketplace in Vermont

HealthMarkets is ready to help you find the right plan for your needs. Choose a family plan to cover everyone or buy just a policy for yourself. HealthMarkets can help you compare the plans on today's market to make a great decision about buying a plan via the health insurance marketplace in Vermont that will keep you and your loved ones protected, so you can get the healthcare you need when you need it. Open enrollment begins November 15, 2014. Skip the hassle and call HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, our service comes at no cost to you. Get the quick, personalized service you deserve in choosing your insurance plan.

Many folks are confused about their options on the health insurance marketplace. Vermont residents can choose from a network of insurance companies recognized nationwide. Many Vermont families may qualify for a subsidy to reduce the cost of health insurance when shopping the health insurance marketplace.

Vermont HealthMarkets agents can help you understand your options and make recommendations for you based on your budget and your healthcare needs. Select a high deductible plan with a higher copayment if you are a person who is rarely sick, or choose a comprehensive health plan with a low deductible and low copayment if you have children or if you are battling a chronic health problem. Give HealthMarkets a call today for top notch service.


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