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Your health and the health of your family are important, and buying the right policy on the health insurance marketplace in Virginia is no small task. HealthMarkets representatives are around 24/7 to help you find the plan that you need to keep your family healthy and to ensure that your loved ones can see a doctor if and when the need arises.

Benefits of ACA to the Health Insurance Marketplace in Virginia

Although new healthcare mandates surrounding the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare) may seem overwhelming, health insurance has never been so accessible and affordable to residents of Virginia. Here are a few ways VA residents have benefited from new healthcare laws:

  • 216,356 residents enrolled in the marketplace after open enrollment and of that number, 82% received a plan with financial assistance.
  • Due to the new rule ensuring insurance companies spend more of your premium dollar on improving healthcare, VA individuals received $8,913,605 total in refunds from their insurance companies.
  • Lifetime limits are no longer legal for insurance companies. 2,974,000 folks (including 817,000 children) no longer have to worry about their insurance company dropping them for getting the treatment they need.

Don’t be intimidated by new health care under the ACA, give HealthMarkets Insurance Agency a call and we will walk you through the process and find you a great plan. Our service comes at no cost to you.

Open enrollment begins soon - why fight the crowd when you can give us a call, quickly and easily, day or night?

Options on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Virginia

HealthMarkets can help you understand your options and the different plans available. You should consider the following when buying a policy:

  • The level of coverage needed. Choosing a comprehensive plan makes sense for families battling a chronic condition or with children. A less comprehensive policy that is more affordable is usually okay for single people who are in good health.
  • The copayment you're comfortable paying. Make sure that the copayment you must pay each time you see a doctor or specialist is one that you can afford to pay.
  • The deductible on your policy. If a deductible is outrageously high, chances are good you won't be able to use your insurance to its fullest.
  • Network of providers. Choose a provider network you trust when shopping the health insurance marketplace. Virginia residents want to be able to see the doctors they are accustomed to seeing.

Turn to HealthMarkets for help navigating the health insurance marketplace. Virginia representatives are licensed and ready to help you find the right plan today.


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