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It can be hard to live without health insurance, which is why it makes sense to shop for the best policy on the health insurance marketplace in Wyoming. Keeping your health and that of your family protected with health insurance is vital, especially now that it is legally mandated that the majority of Americans carry insurance. Don’t be overwhelmed or confused, you actually have more options and access to great health care than ever.

A few ways residents of Wyoming are benefiting from new regulations:

  • 11,970 residents of Wyoming enrolled in the marketplace after last open enrollment. 93% of those residents opted for a plan with financial assistance. There are pretty good odds you are eligible for a little help with the costs of your plan in WY.
  • 800,000 in grants were awarded to that state of Wyoming to improve healthcare.
  • 241,133 residents of Wyoming now have access to affordable care that they did not before  because of pre-existing conditions such as asthma.
  • … this is just to name a few reasons why healthcare has never been more beneficial to WY residents.

Open enrollment begins again on November, 15 2014. HealthMarkets will help you choose from thousands of plans from insurance companies recognized nationwide and decide on the best one for you. We will give you one-on-one personalized service, at no cost to you. Skip the hassle and partner with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency - online, phone or stop by in person! More and more people are turning to HealthMarkets for help in navigating the health insurance marketplace. HealthMarkets employs a network of licensed agents who are experienced at helping consumers find just the right policies for their needs, based on their particular situations, health, budget, and other factors.

Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace in Wyoming

Under the new healthcare laws, most people in the U.S. must have health insurance but shopping for coverage can get confusing on the health insurance marketplace. Wyoming residents can opt for medical only or choose a medical and dental plan from top companies doing business in the region.

Finding the right plan means finding a plan on the health insurance marketplace in Wyoming that you can afford and that lets you see the doctors and other providers that you're accustomed to seeing. You should also check that your copayment is affordable and that your deductible is low enough to make seeing a doctor affordable all around. Talk with HealthMarkets now to find the right plan for you on the health insurance marketplace. Wyoming agents are standing by 24/7 to help you when you're ready to shop or enroll.


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