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If you’re shopping the health insurance marketplace in Wyoming, HealthMarkets will give you personalized, one-on-one service. The best part? Our agents’ services come at no cost to you. 

Our agents can help determine if you’re eligible for a premium-lowering subsidy. Of the almost 23,000 residents who signed up through the healthcare marketplace in 2018, 95 percent received a tax subsidy that helped reduce the cost of their monthly premiums. In 2019, 41 percent of uninsured residents had access to plans that cost $0 per month.

Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace in Wyoming



Free consultation with a licensed agent

Option to see an agent in person

List of all plans available to you on the exchange

Comparison of plans that are relevant to your needs


Ability to suggest health plans off the exchange

Assessment of tax subsidy eligibility

Enrollment assistance

Dental and vision plans available

Talk with a HealthMarkets agent now to find the right plan for you on the health insurance marketplace in Wyoming. 

Call us at (800) 360-1402.


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