Read the Affordable Care Act’s Full TextDespite the major changes it has caused, few have had the time to read the complete Affordable Care Act text. Reasonably so, since it is over 900 pages long and written in what I like to call “legal language”.

Fortunately, there are ways to read the Affordable Care Act text in full that are a little easier to digest.

Below, we have created a simplified breakdown of all 10 titles (sections) of the Affordable Care Act and what they mean for you.

Title 1: Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Americans

  • Reduces premium costs with tax subsidies and credits
  • Caps out-of-pocket expenses
  • Requires preventive care to be fully covered
  • Bans insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions
  • Opens option to appeal denials of doctor-ordered treatments covered by insurance
  • Opens a competitive health insurance marketplace

Title 2: The Role of Public Programs

  • Extends Medicaid in participating states
  • Preserves CHIP and simplifies enrollment for individuals and families
  • Enhances community-based care for disabled Americans
  • Provides opportunities for expansion for home care services for long-term care
  • Reduces prescription drug costs and payments

Title 3: Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Health Care

  • Protects and preserves Medicare
  • Closes Medicare coverage gap (donut-hole)
  • Ends massive Medicare overpayments to insurance companies
  • Provides incentive for care givers to improve care and reduce patient harm
  • Enhances access to health care services in underserved areas

Title 4: Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health

  • Promotes prevention, wellness, and the public health
  • Creates strategies to improve the health and reduce preventable diseases and disabilities
  • Prioritizes prevention and screenings

Title 5: Health Care Workforce

  • Funds scholarships and loan repayments for medical professionals in needed areas of the country
  • Combats medical professional shortage and develops recruitment strategies
  • Expands access to health care throughout the U.S.

Title 6: Transparency and Program Integrity

  • Provides more information to patients
  • Provides more medical research to doctors
  • Enhances training for nursing staff (prevention of elderly abuse)
  • Creates rigid disclosure requirements, identifying high-risk providers
  • Allows states to prevent penalized providers from setting up in another state

Title 7: Improving Access to Innovative Medical Therapies

  • Extends drug discounts to facilities that serve low-income patients
  • Creates opportunities to manufacture less expensive generic versions of medications

Title 8: Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act (CLASS Act)

  • Provides option to finance long-term care and services if disabled (self-funded and voluntary insurance choice)

Title 9: Revenue Provisions

  • Provides large middle class tax cuts for health care
  • Reduces premium costs with tax credits, allowing more to afford health insurance
  • Reduces the deficit by more than $100 billion within 10 years

Title 10: Reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act

  • Reauthorizes the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (ICHIA)
  • Provides health care services to eligible American Indians and Alaskan Natives
  • Modernizes Indian health care system

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