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How do you pay for your prescriptions? Even with a drug coverage plan, do you wish you could save a little more on your regular medications? And wouldn’t it be nice to get a longer supply so that you could refill them less often? Consider using prescription home delivery. In addition to saving you money, it could save your well-earned time.

Can Prescription Home Delivery Save Me Money?

Most likely, yes. There are several ways that home delivery can do this.

  1. Many home delivery processes are automated.

Because the process becomes more automated, it costs less to get you your prescriptions. For example, you might plug your prescription or refill information into an automated call center or website rather than talking to a pharmacy assistant or pharmacist. You can still talk to someone if you need help, but a person does not manually have to take your information and add it to the system.

  1. Larger supplies of regular medications cost less.

Oftentimes, getting a 3-month supply of your prescription will cost you less than filling your prescription once per month for 3 months. In fact, consumers on average save 25 percent on their prescription costs by getting 3-month supplies.

  1. Copayments on home deliveries can be less than at retail pharmacies.

By using home delivery rather than retail pharmacies, Express Script estimates that consumers save an average of 29 percent on their copayments. The numbers will be different for each drug coverage plan and home delivery provider you use, so check with your providers to see how much you could save with home delivery.

If you’re not already using home delivery, you and many other Americans are losing out. According to Express Scripts, Americans are missing out on billions in savings from home delivery alone. They have estimated that “the U.S. could save $96.3 billion each year” with home delivery.

How Can Prescription Home Delivery Save Me Time?

Convenience and saving time are major benefits when it comes to using prescription home delivery. But how can home delivery conveniently save you time?

Forget the Drive

You can refill your prescriptions from the comfort of your home, which means you can forget those lengthy trips to the pharmacy.

A Longer Supply

Don’t forget that you’re getting a 90-day refill instead of a 30-day refill.

Automatic Refills and Renewals

Some prescription home delivery services will even allow you to sign up for automatic refills and renewals. So if you have a hard time remembering to refill your prescriptions, there’s no need to worry.

Pharmacist Access

You won’t need to drive in to your local pharmacy for a consultation just to get a few questions answered. Delivery services often provide access to pharmacists that can answer your medication-related questions and concerns over the phone.

Who Offers Prescription Home Delivery?

Insurance companies that offer drug coverage plans, pharmacies, and prescription delivery companies can offer home delivery. Check with your prescription coverage provider or local pharmacy to see if it offers home delivery—and if so, ask about what you can expect to save.

What Kinds of Medications Can Be Delivered?

While availability can differ for each home delivery provider, medications that can be delivered may include:

  • Allergy, cold, virus, and flu treatments
  • Antibiotic medications
  • Arthritis and pain treatments
  • Asthma treatments
  • Blood pressure treatments
  • Cholesterol treatments
  • Diabetes treatments
  • Digestive condition treatments
  • Fungal infection treatments
  • Glaucoma (and other eye care) treatments
  • Heart health treatments
  • Men’s health treatments
  • Mental health treatments
  • Skin condition treatments
  • Thyroid condition treatments
  • Vitamins and nutritional health medications
  • Women’s health treatments

I Don’t Have a Drug Insurance Plan.

Even if you don’t have drug coverage insurance, many pharmacies and prescription delivery companies will still provide you with their services. However, it is a good idea to consider getting a drug coverage plan.

Why? Because drug coverage plans can lower the amount you are paying out of pocket for your medications. Rather than you covering the full retail price for a medication, you and your drug plan split the cost. If your drug plan uses a coinsurance method, then you will only have to pay for a percentage of the medication’s full cost. If the plan uses a copay method, you will pay a flat rate and your plan will cover the rest of the medication’s cost. Depending on your plan, you may have to meet a deductible before your prescriptions are covered.

For seniors who are eligible for or enrolled in Medicare, drug coverage plans are known as Medicare Part D plans. A licensed agent can explain Medicare Part D coverage, advise you on plans that will cover your regular prescriptions, and help you find a plan that also suits your budget. For most individuals and families, drug insurance plans will be included in comprehensive health insurance plans. If you need to check your coverage or want advice on how to find a plan with better benefits, you can also contact a licensed insurance agent.

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