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Happy man with hands full of cash

Money and Happiness: What You Buy Matters

The long-standing debate over whether money can buy you happiness has largely been laid…Read More

Woman sitting in Doctor's office

Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit With These Questions

Many of us hesitate to ask questions when we visit the doctor’s office, but…Read More

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Stay trim with mindfulness

Stay trim with mindfulness

People who are inherently “mindful,” meaning they maintain awareness of their own feelings and thoughts on a regular basis, are less likely to be obese or store fat in their…Read More

Asparagus Parmesan

Asparagus Parmesan

Asparagus is a great accompaniment to almost any main dish. Pair it with salmon, pork, or steak for an attractive and healthy side dish. One of the best parts about…Read More

Will Yoga Really Keep You Slim?

Will Yoga Really Keep You Slim?

We’ve all seen photos of rail-thin yoga instructors leading equally svelte students in a variety of twists, bends, and contortions. Such images feature prominently in the literature published by yoga…Read More