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All About Yoga And The Effects It Can Have On You

Yoga is a mind and body practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy.…Read More

Senior couple having fun preparing healthy meal

Everything You Need to Know About Our Evolving Nutritional Needs

It’s common knowledge that watching what you eat and staying active are essential to…Read More

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Will Yoga Really Keep You Slim?

Will Yoga Really Keep You Slim?

We’ve all seen photos of rail-thin yoga instructors leading equally svelte students in a variety of twists, bends, and contortions. Such images feature prominently in the literature published by yoga…Read More

Why Do Men Avoid the Doctor?

Why Do Men Avoid the Doctor?

The trope of a man who refuses to see a doctor despite serious need is so recognizable, it’s practically universal. Of course, men benefit as much from doctor’s appointments—both preventive…Read More