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Medica is a family of health plans owned by the non-profit Medica Holding Company. Medica Health Plans, Medica Health Plans of Wisconsin, Medica Insurance Company, Medica Self-Insured, and Medica Health Management, LLC all belong to this group.

Medica products are sold in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Health plans are available for individuals. The Medica Network provides coverage to roughly 1.7 million people with 100% participation from hospitals in the service area, and 96% participation from area providers. Members also have access to a broad national network. Medica is a $3.5 billion company employing 1,250 people.

Medica’s first health plan, Physicians Health Plan, was created by a group of doctors in 1975. Medica emerged in 1991 when Physicians Health Plan merged with Share, and then merged again in 1994 with HealthSpan creating Allina Health System. Medica became the independent health plan it is today in 2001.

The Medica Foundation is committed to community-based health initiatives for Alzheimer’s disease, childhood health, and people with disabilities and has delivered more than 1.4 million in grants. The Medica Research Institute is dedicated to advancing value-based healthcare decisions.

Like many insurance companies, Medica’s product offerings include the following types of plans: HMO and PPO.

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