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Medicare Insurance

Finding the right Medicare coverage has never been easier.

Whether you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, a Medicare Supplement plan, or a Part D prescription drug plan, HealthMarkets makes it simpler and faster to find Medicare coverage.

Just answer a few questions on our site to see which Medicare plans fit your needs and budget. We search hundreds of plans in minutes to find Medicare plans that include your doctors, prescription drugs, and pharmacy. The plans with the highest FitScore™ are closest to your ideal match. You can compare plans, see real-time quotes, and even enroll online—from the comfort of your home.

When it comes to considering your Medicare options, you can spend hours doing your own research or you can make a single call to HealthMarkets. We’ll search thousands of plans from nationally recognized companies to find the coverage that best fits you … at a price that fits your budget. And we’ll do it at no cost to you.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage can combine hospital, doctor, and prescription drug coverage in one plan, as well as additional benefits.

Medicare supplement plans are designed to help cover the expenses left over from Medicare Part A and B coverage.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D plans are designed to provide prescription drug coverage, helping you cover your prescription expenses.

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What is a FitScore?

The FitScoreTM is part of the HealthMarkets experience designed to help you narrow down your options. After answering a few short questions, we search thousands of plans from nationally recognized insurance companies to provide a customized list of options for you.

The higher the FitScore, the closer the plan is to your ideal match.

It’s quick, easy, and helps ensure that you’re satisfied with the plan you choose.

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How Do I Pick a Medicare Plan?

Finding the right Medicare coverage can be difficult, but HealthMarkets makes it easy for you. Answer these questions to get a better idea of the Medicare plan that fits your needs.

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