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Moda Health is an Oregon-based health insurance company with several subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include BenefitHelp Solutions, Dentists Management Corporation, Dentists Benefits Insurance Company, Northwest Dentists Insurance Company, and Dental Commerce Corporation. Moda Health provides Oregon residents with individual health insurance, dental coverage, and Medicare plans, as well as group health and dental insurance.

Moda Health provides individual health insurance plans with two provider networks: Beacon and Affinity. These provider networks are determined by the Oregon county of residence, and each network provides gold, silver, and bronze levels of coverage options. Individual dental plans are available statewide. For individuals over 65, Moda Health provides Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), PPO RX, and Health Maintenance Organization Medicare Advantage plans. Small businesses can also enjoy Moda Health’s bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medical plan offerings.

Founded in 1955, Moda Health first went by the name Oregon Dental Service (ODS). In its inception, ODS only provided dental plans to the residents of Oregon. After 57 years of growth, ODA adopted the name Moda Health. Because of the inclusion of medical and pharmacy plans to its product offerings, Moda Health better represents the company and its services. Now, Moda health serves more than 1 million members.

Moda Health has received two accreditation statuses from the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA). Commendable was awarded to the Moda Health Oregon Commercial. Accredited was awarded to the Moda Health Oregon Marketplace PPO.

Like many health insurance companies, Moda Health offers PPO plans.

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Moda Health
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