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PacificSource Health Plans is a not-for-profit health insurance provider with almost 80 years of experience. The PacificSource brand includes PacificSource Health Plans, PacificSource Community Solutions, PacificSource Administrators Inc., and IPN. Individual health insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, group health, dental, vision, and prescription coverage, are available to residents of the Northwest.

For individuals and families, health insurance plans are divided into two coverage networks: SmartChoice and Legacy Health. Each network includes bronze, silver, gold, and catastrophic coverage options. Stand-alone dental coverage is also available for individuals and families. Group coverage is available to both small and large employers. Small group plans include bronze, silver, and gold level health insurance options and dental benefits. Large group plans include bronze and silver level health insurance options and dental, prescription, and vision benefits. All PacificSource members are given access to wellness benefits and programs as a part of their medical coverage. These wellness services include an online portal to review policy details, global emergency services, a 24-hour nurse phone line, a tobacco cessation program, and more.

The physicians operating Pacific Christian Hospital in Eugene, Oregon founded PacificSource in 1933. In two years, the physicians’ company chose its first manager, covered 600 employees, and adopted the name Pacific Hospital Association (PHS). By 1945, PHA covered over 4,000 men and women. The company took on the current name, PacificSource Health Plans, in 1994 and has enjoyed a steady growth since its inception. Currently, the PacificSource brand has over 275,000 individual members and works with almost 4,000 employers. The company employs around 700 people and contracts with about 46,000 healthcare providers. In recognition of its quality and accountability, PacificSource received Accredited status from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Like many health insurance companies, PacificSource offers PPO plans.

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