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Anyone who has spent time looking for health insurance knows that there are hundreds of companies out there to choose from. Having so many choices is great, but it makes coming to a decision hard. HealthMarkets is dedicated to helping you find affordable health insurance companies with policies that match your needs. Read the following tips to learn how to choose the most affordable health insurance company for you and your family.

Tip 1: Find the Companies Available in Your Area

The first step to choosing an affordable health insurance company is to see all of your options. Most health insurance companies sell plans based on service areas. So, plans sold in Texas may not all be sold in Vermont. Using a health insurance map can be a good way to see which plans are available in your service area. Check out HealthMarkets’ plan map.

Affordable Health Insurance Companies by State

HealthMarkets has hundreds of plans available and services in almost every state in the U.S. (these are blue in the map above). If you want to see all of the affordable health insurance companies that HealthMarkets partners with, check out our companies page. Not only will you see the health insurance companies, you’ll also have a preview of the network types and plan levels offered.

Tip 2: Find Out If Plans Are Sold On or Off the Exchange

How does the exchange affect how affordable a health insurance company is? It all comes down to subsidies. Health insurance companies that sell their plans on the exchange (particularly the federal marketplace) can apply subsidy discounts to their plans. Plans that are not sold on the exchange cannot apply subsidy discounts. So, if you plan on applying for a subsidy, which can reduce your premiums or out-of-pocket expenses, it’s important to find out which affordable health insurance companies participate in the exchange.

Tip 3: Compare Your Options (the Easy Way) Before You Buy

Price comparison shopping is nothing new to the savvy shopper. However, when shopping for health insurance, it takes a little more than just checking online. Or does it? Not if you’re on the right website.

If you find a user-friendly comparison tool, like HealthMarkets’ free quoting tool, you can compare all of the affordable health insurance companies available in your area. Better yet, you can filter through different costs and out-of-pocket expenses (like premiums, copays, deductibles, and more) to find the best fit for you.

Bonus Tip: Contact a Licensed Health Insurance Agent

While you can use the tips above to find affordable health insurance companies on your own, an agent can help you personally. Having a real person walk you through the searching, comparing, and buying process can be extremely helpful. An agent can answer your coverage questions, give you advice, and he or she will be with you all year round should something happen with your health insurance plan. An agent’s services come at no cost to you, and they are available in person or over the phone.

Find Affordable Health Insurance Companies With HealthMarkets

With HealthMarkets’ help, it’s easy to find affordable health insurance companies that offer the coverage that’s right for you. Just contact HealthMarkets through our website, by phone at (800) 360-1402, or meet with one of our local agents in person and tell us what you’re looking for in coverage and cost. We’ll compare your needs to the policies from the health insurance companies that we work with and find the ones that work best for you. The service is free, so call us today.


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