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There are many ways to find individual medical coverage in Connecticut. But how can you find the best options for you? HealthMarkets offers an easy way to shop for and compare plans. This service comes at no cost to you! 

HealthMarkets can also help save you money. We can determine if you’re one of the 73 percent of Connecticut residents who qualify for tax subsidies that lower your monthly premiums.

In 2018, over 100,000 people purchased a plan off the Connecticut exchange. HealthMarkets is here to help you understand your options and enroll in the best plan for your needs.

How Do I Shop the Health Insurance Marketplace in Connecticut?

HealthMarkets offers personalized service to help you find a policy that meets your particular needs. When choosing a policy, shoppers should look for:

  • Affordability: Choose a plan that comes with a premium you can afford. A subsidy will help offset the cost for many shoppers.
  • A deductible that makes sense: The lower the deductible, the easier out-of-pocket costs will be for you.
  • A network of doctors you want to use: If you have a doctor you want to continue seeing, make sure they accept the health insurance plan you are interested in.
  • Coverage you need: Some plans have a prescription drug plan included; others do not. Some limit services to particular service offerings. HealthMarkets can help you choose the right policy for your needs. 

HealthMarkets is a great option when navigating the health insurance marketplace in Connecticut. HealthMarkets’ licensed agents are ready to provide great advice to help you find your best coverage.

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