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Choosing a health insurance carrier and policy can be confusing for Kansas families, and it can be both difficult and frustrating to navigate the health insurance marketplace. Kansas residents have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to finding the policy that is right for their needs. By the end of the first open enrollment period, 57,013 individuals joined the marketplace in Kansas. Of those 57,013, 79% chose a plan with financial assistance. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help you understand the marketplace and pick a plan that will maximize available benefits based on your individual needs. We will prepare you for open enrollment, beginning November 15th, 2014 so you can understand your options and find the best coverage possible.


Health Insurance Marketplace - Kansas Options

Obtaining health insurance is more affordable than ever thanks to the ACA. HealthMarkets offers an expert staff of licensed agents who can assist you in making the best selection available from the health insurance marketplace in Kansas. Not only have Kansas residents been greatly assisted by gaining better coverage and more options through the health insurance marketplace. Kansas has benefitted from $32,537,465 in grants for planning, information technology development, research and implementation of their marketplace.

In addition, funding for community health centers have increased so that clinics can provide a wider scale of primary care services as well as many other benefits. When browsing through the various plans that are available through the health insurance marketplace, Kansas residents can find options that are affordable and that are often subsidized under ACA provisions. With 12.6% of Kansas residents’ uninsured, the ACA tax credits can help those without insurance find affordable coverage.

The goal of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is to help the uninsured find affordable health and dental policies that are now required by law, and bring peace of mind to those seeking healthcare coverage. Agents are available 24/7 to help you navigate the health insurance marketplace.



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