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You may get confused about the available options while looking for a plan on the health insurance marketplace in Minnesota. How do you find the best policy for you and your family? HealthMarkets can help answer your questions.

Join the over 100,000 Minnesotans who signed up for insurance on the exchange in 2018. You may be eligible for a cost-lowering tax subsidy. In 2018, 65 percent of enrollees qualified.

Shopping the Health Insurance Marketplace in Minnesota

Before you select a plan on Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, keep the following in mind:

  • Your budget: Make sure you're able to afford the premium associated with your plan. You may qualify for a tax credit that can lower your payments.
  • Your deductible: A very low monthly premium might be hiding high deductible costs. Always check a plan to see how much you pay out of pocket before the plan will take over.
  • Your doctor's network: Try to choose a plan that accepts your existing doctor, if keeping the same provider is important to you.

Connect with HealthMarkets to get the most out of your shopping experience on the health insurance marketplace in Minnesota. 

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