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Since the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, has gone into effect, health insurance is more affordable than ever in New York. HealthMarkets’ expert staff of licensed agents can help you navigate the often-times confusing health insurance marketplace. New York residents can reach our representatives any time, day or night. Whenever help is needed in shopping the health insurance marketplace in New York, we are available. We can be reached by phone, online, or even visited in person.

Choosing a Policy on the Health
Insurance Marketplace in New York

 After the first open enrollment 370,451 residents of NY enrolled in the marketplace. Of that number, 74% opted for a plan with financial assistance. Though new regulations in healthcare may sound confusing. New York individuals have seen benefits in the following ways:

  • NY received $511,253,660 in grants for healthcare improvements in their state
  • With more coverage options for adults under 26 - 160,000 residents have access to healthcare in New York that wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • If you’re suffering from a chronic illness, you can now get the treatment you need without worry of your insurance company dropping you. 6,432,000 New Yorkers no longer have to worry about lifetime limits on their insurance.
  • …. discover the many more ways new regulations make healthcare more affordable and accessible to residents of NY

Browsing the Plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace in New York

Our agents can help you decide what type of plan will best suit your interests, based on your specific needs. For instance, a family with young children would likely want to choose a carrier that offers a comprehensive plan that covers all the essentials. Singles who are in good health may want to choose a policy with a higher annual deductible and lower monthly payments.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency will help you compare your options when shopping the health insurance marketplace in New York. We want you to get the most out of your coverage. When browsing through the various plans that are available through the health insurance marketplace, New York residents can find affordable options that are often subsidized under ACA provisions. There are a number of ACA tax credits that can help the uninsured find affordable coverage.

Finding the right health and dental policies can bring peace of mind to those seeking health coverage. HealthMarkets’ agents can also help you determine whether or not you are eligible for Medicare, and assist you in enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan if you are eligible. It doesn't have to be complicated when shopping the health insurance marketplace. New York residents can rest easy with HealthMarkets’ agents providing much-needed assistance.



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