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A Professional Secret for Getting the Most Out of the Health Insurance Marketplace in Rhode Island

Health Source RI and other health insurance exchanges are a great way to find out about new health insurance options for you and your family. However, finding the right insurance plan for you and getting the coverage you need are a much more time consuming task. We can take the guesswork out of it and help you get the most out of the Rhode Island health insurance marketplace. 


 Under new regulations, health care is more affordable and accessible than ever for residents of RI. Here are a few ways Rhode Island residents have benefitted from new mandates:

  • Out of 28,485 RI residents who enrolled in the marketplace, 88% opted for a plan with financial assistance.
  • 462,538 folks in Rhode Island no longer have to worry about finding coverage if they have pre-existing conditions such as Asthma.
  • Rhode Island has received 140,732,520 in grants to improve healthcare in their great state.
  • ...that’s just to name a few benefits of health care reform.

Open enrollment begins soon - don’t fight the crowd when that time comes. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency will walk you through your options, our service comes at no additional cost to you.

Options on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Rhode Island

New rules for health insurance don't have to be confusing, since there are a variety of options for health insurance on the health insurance marketplace. When shopping for plans on the health insurance marketplace, Rhode Island residents should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Affordability is key. Look for a plan that you can easily afford.
  • Don't choose a deductible that prevents you from using your insurance. If you choose a plan with a high deductible, you will need to be out of pocket up to the amount of the deductible before your insurance is useful. If you're often sick or have a chronic condition, look for low deductible thresholds.
  • The doctor you want to see may not be in every plan's network. Pay special attention to which doctors you can see when you buy a plan.
  • You cannot just enroll at any time. You need to decide on the plan you want to buy during open enrollment.

Discuss your needs with HealthMarkets prior to buying health insurance on the health insurance marketplace. Rhode Island licensed agents are waiting to help you in person, on the phone or online now.


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