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It can be difficult to find the right level of coverage on the health insurance marketplace in South Carolina. That’s why residents are turning to HealthMarkets for help in comparing plans for individuals and families. We can help you navigate your options and give you the personalized assistance you need to find the right coverage for your family and your budget—all at no cost to you!

Think you can’t afford health insurance? In 2018, 93 percent of South Carolina residents qualified for a tax credit that lowered their premiums. In 2019, 34 percent of uninsured South Carolinians had access to plans that cost $0 per month. Call us to see if you’re eligible.

Come join the almost 185,000 South Carolina residents who purchased a plan on the healthcare exchange in 2018.

Selecting Your Best Health Plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace in South Carolina

When choosing a plan from the health insurance marketplace in South Carolina, you should:

  • Keep monthly premiums in mind. Being able to afford your health insurance plan is important. 
  • Look for a plan that offers a network of doctors you want to see.If you have a regular doctor, try to find a plan where he or she is in the network.
  • Read the terms of each plan. Deductibles are important, because you'll have to pay the deductible amount before your insurance will cover needed care.
  • Contact a licensed agent. A licensed health insurance agent can assist you with your coverage and costs, and help you understand all the aspects of a new plan. We even have access to affordable plans not sold on the exchange.

Browsing the Health Insurance Marketplace in South Carolina

HealthMarkets licensed agents are waiting to help you enroll in a plan. And remember: Our service comes at no cost to you. Call HealthMarkets to walk you through every step of the way at (800) 360-1402.  


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